I'm Paul Roy, and I want to work for you.

Read this first

I am a man of great faith.  I currently live on Oahu, have a great job, live in a beautiful house with my beloved wife.  We love our life.  However, we both believe that God is sending us to Maui.  That's why we're going.  We arrive on the 10th of October.  God has already provided a home for us in Haiku.  I start working with you on the 12th.

I believe that I am being sent to Maui because I am needed there.  Somebody needs the services that only I can provide.  Are you that person?  If you are, I'm looking forward to working with you.  I am the man you have been praying for.

If this section makes you think I am a crazy person, then I have good news.  I am not the guy you are looking for.  Best of luck in your search.  If this section gives you goosebumps, read on.

You need the right person to help your business grow.

Looking for somebody to handle your day-to-day business operations so that you can focus on growing?  Every business owner needs a manager who walks around handling problems as they come up, fixing issues you didn't even know existed, creating systems and processes to make the place run smoothly.  That's what I do.

Why Hire Me?

Three months from now I want us both to be grateful that we're working together.  Here are some qualities I will bring to your business.

  • Organized

    You can trust me to get things done so that you can work on the business instead of in it.

  • Accountable

    I track and improve the parts of your business that you care most about so that you can feel at ease.  Everything is under control.

  • Innovative

    I come up with new and creative solutions to challenges.  Ever had somebody target you with a Facebook ad looking for a job?  Welcome to my thought process.

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What can I do for you?

  • Create Systems

    I love systems and processes.  If your company struggles with organization, I want to help.  Document everything.  Improve it daily.  Make more money.  Let me do this for you.

  • Inspire Others

    I make it a point to respect the people around me.  I’ve had numerous co-workers tell me that my attitude toward them has inspired them to do a better job.  I’m looking forward to doing this for you.

  • Spread the Word

    If I’m working for you, it’s because I think your business is really cool.  I only work for people I like.  That means that I’m your best salesperson, whether I’m in sales or not.

What have I done for others in the past?

I love to learn, so I seek out opportunities to improve my skills.  I started in manufacturing, moved over to construction, and have consistently developed my organizational and people skills.

Langhorne Machine Products

I started out by sweeping the floor.  I ended up running the place while the owner flew his plane around the country.  We made molds for the rubber industry.  Complicated stuff, tight tolerances, high stress, temperamental machinists.  I did everything from the preparing the initial quote to delivering the final product.  Customer service, sales, marketing, engineering, accounting, CAD/CAM, even web development.  There's a lot of skills that go into making a factory run smoothly and this job taught me how to do them all.

Kong Research

This job taught me how to build a factory from scratch.  Together with my direct superior, we turned a dirty warehouse into a state of the art production facility running 3 shifts and turning a profit in our first month.  We ordered machines, designed the factory, ran electricity and water lines, even cut a hole in the roof so that a crane could lift the 750 ton hydraulic presses into place.  I learned a lot about construction.  After the factory was built, I took care of the day-to-day operations.  It was my job to keep our employees motivated and producing quality parts.  When something broke, it was my job to fix it and get us running again.  When there was a dispute, it was my job to create and implement policy.  When the owner didn't like something, it was my job to change it.  This job taught me a lot about how to effectively manage people, especially when they come from diverse socioeconomic groups.

Sanctuary Earthships

I love sustainable construction techniques.  I also love the tropics.  And I wanted to learn how to manage volunteers.  Sanctuary Earthships is a sustainable community based in Costa Rica.  My job was to attract unpaid volunteers to do hard manual labor under the tropical sun in order to increase awareness of sustainable construction techniques.  I used the internet to find people who wanted to gain real life experience building Earthships and sold them on coming to Costa Rica.  I built a community of people around the idea that it's possible to build a self sufficient home that's also inexpensive and low impact on the environment.  The work was hard, conditions were rough, and I still remain excellent friends with the hundreds of volunteers who came out to help us build stuff.  This job taught me how to lead people through inspiration.  I couldn't lure them with money, I had to appeal to their heart.

Solo Bueno Property Management

In this job I acted as the owners representative for high dollar estates in Costa Rica.  If there was a problem, it was my job to fix it quickly.  This was an interesting position because I had to interface between wealthy expats and the local labor they hired to keep their homes in tip top shape.  These people are from different worlds and they don't always see eye to eye.  I kept a close watch on the properties to make sure they were being cared for properly, represented the owner in case of legal or tax trouble, and made sure the locals were treated well so that they respected the property.  Oh, and I did most of the job en Español.  This position grew my communications skills tremendously.  Not only did I have to learn a new language, I had to understand important cultural differences in order to get things done.

Stone Fabrication

Right now I'm in the stone fabrication industry.  I hired on to do CAD/CAM stuff and ended up helping the owner completely organize the shop.  I implemented software to manage the business and streamline the quoting process, helped sort out the physical inventory, and kept the office running smoothly.  I work directly with customers who want to lay out their stone themselves and am instrumental in keeping everything flowing through the shop.  My boss knows I'm leaving and is sad to see me go.

The people I work with love me.

I figured that if half of what you said on your resume was true that you'd be a good hire.  I have to say, you've exceeded my expectations.  You can do everything you say you can and more.  This place is running better than it ever has because of your help.  I love your positive attitude.  You make my day better, even when things aren't going well.

Todd B., My Current Employer

You always know how to brighten up my day.  You're everywhere, doing all kinds of things.  Always in motion, always getting things done.  And you make it look so easy.

Michelle B., Estimator

Everything runs so smooth when you're here.  The work gets done, but there's no stress about it.  It just flows.  We're going to miss you.

Cory G., Lead Installer

You have been a huge help to me, just handling all the stuff that would previously distract me and prevent me from doing my best.  I hope they find a replacement who is as good as you.

Anthony D., Structural Engineer

You got thrown into a tough job.  Nobody thought you could handle it.  But you learned quick.  Things are so much calmer now.

Tyler C., CNC Operator

Here are a few words from former employers.

Brian S. Brian S.

Paul is hard working, creative, and smart.  I'd love to work with him again.

Cash M. Cash M.

You are a world changer.  You'll do well wherever you go.

I also hang out with rock stars, missionaries, and Jeopardy! winners.

Carl B.

Paul is one of the smartest people I have ever met.

Carl B., Former Client and Jeopardy! Winner
Joshua A.

You inspire me.  I always respected how you act confidently without fear.

Joshua A., Rock Star
Judith G.

Thank you for being an inspiration not only to me but to so many others.

Judith G., Missionary, Seeds of Hope

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